An increase of intangible value is creating knowledge work in a growing services sector.

Our whole society is in one continuous pursuit to balance individual self-interest with harmonious cooperation.  Advances in technology and a vast array of digital information are amplifying this age old struggle.

Challenged to sustain our social working partnerships from disruption, let’s turn global opportunities into “new frontiers for cooperation.”  We can all work together to innovate ways of completing the daily tasks our society needs.

  1. Communities are more socially connected than ever before.
  2. Individuals are free to connect, work and earn as they see fit.
  3. Competition helps to balance production, profits, costs & wages.

Food for thought…  Did you ever try to correlate “real tangible prices” with measurable “abstract values”?  Well we did.

Try to compare fair market “prices” to fair market “values” and consider the equitable distribution of labor and surplus value.  It is hard not to realize the challenge of determining exchanging ratios that fairly measure both the tangible and intangible values.  Follow along with us at